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Explore Bright Schoolhouse and discover our unique approach to education, personalized learning, and the enriching experiences that await your child!

Our Goals

Our independent non-profit Elementary school program is built to be the foundation for your child's learning. Our students develop the necessary connections, academics, and social skills through personalized hands-on learning to bridge their school experience to their next learning environment.

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Curriculum Overview

Discover detailed insights on our engaging curriculum, social emotional learning, and our commitment to supporting our individual learners.


Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to frequently asked questions about our Portland area microschool, including hours, services, and other important details to ensure a comprehensive understanding of our program.


Application and Admissions

Head to our enrollment and admissions page, where you can find information on how to apply, schedule a visit, and take the first step towards joining our vibrant learning community.

"...has given our child an opportunity to learn and grow in a warm and welcoming environment. With a smaller class size than what they would have experienced in our neighborhood school, we know that they are getting the attention and hands on experience needed to really understand their lessons. Seeing them blossom into a happy reader who loves math and art has shown us that we made the right choice in enrolling them in the program. If given the opportunity to do it again, we’d absolutely make the same choice! "

-K mom of G

What Families are Saying

"...exceeded our expectations. Our daughter is a child who has struggled a bit with structured classroom expectations and was serviced for a time with an ISFP for speech and sensory regulation. Really helped her transition from a child who needed frequent breaks to individually regroup to a child who anticipates and thrives off of the routine and workflow of the classroom. I feel that there is enough structure to help kids grow accustom to the expectations of classroom etiquette while still encouraging free range thinking,  creative play and project based learning. Our daughter entered kindergarten with no interest in reading and is now reading at a level beyond what we expected and demonstrating pride in her achievements."

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