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Enrollment and Tuition

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2024-25 School Year

Full tuition amount: $16,000 payable in 10 month installments.

Non-refundable enrollment deposit of first and last month’s tuition.

Annual $250 material fee for curriculum books, Enthusiasm research materials, and learning supports

To learn about our 24-25 waitlist and enrollment process please visit our Application page.

Admissions Process

Step 1: Research and Register for a Tour
Families interested in enrolling at Bright Schoolhouse begin the process by
registering for a tour. During the tour, we provide a firsthand experience of our physical space and share detailed information about our program offerings. We ask that prior to registering that you review the website in full and read more on alternative education--research research and consider what would be a good match for your child and family. Those interested in applying prior to February 1st will attend an Information Session and a hard-hat tour.

Step 2: Fill out the Online Application Form
After the tour, families are invited to fill out the
online application request available on our website. An email will follow with a comprehensive application that will assist in building a picture of your child and your educational experience goals. This application serves as the initial step in the enrollment process. A non-refundable $45 application fee is submitted along with the completed paper application. 

Step 3: Schedule an Interview
Upon receiving the application, we will contact you to schedule a time for an interview. This interview is an opportunity for us to learn more about your child and your family's goals for education. It also allows us to provide additional information about our program, ensuring an alignment between your child's needs and our learning environment. The interview is conversation and occurs between parents/guardians and our director. Those applying for 2024-25 will participate in a family interview. 

Step 4: Attend a Playdate
Following the interview, your child will be invited to participate in a playdate with the current students at Bright Schoolhouse. This playdate enables your child to experience our classroom environment, interact with peers, and engage in activities that reflect our learning model. 2024-25 enrollees will attend a classroom intro playdate in August for a classroom preview experience

Step 5: Enrollment Decision
After the playdate, we carefully consider the compatibility between your child and our learning community. We will then inform you of our enrollment decision. If accepted, we will provide you with the next steps, which include submitting a non-refundable first and last month tuition deposit and completing the necessary enrollment paperwork. 

Please note that our multi-step admissions process is intentionally designed to allow you to explore our learning model thoroughly. We understand and value the commitment of time and thoughtful consideration required from families during this process. We believe that families who thrive in our community appreciate the opportunity to engage in this comprehensive exploration of our educational approach.

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