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Enthusiasms at Bright Schoolhouse are an integral part of our approach to personalized learning and self-expression. 

At the beginning of each year, every child has the opportunity to identify a topic of interest that sparks their curiosity and passion. This can range from existing special interests, topics they are already familiar with to new concepts they want to explore or questions they seek to answer.

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Building Models

Throughout the year, children engage in extensive research and exploration related to their chosen Enthusiasm. They delve into various formats, including reading fiction and nonfiction books, creating artwork, conducting experiments, and more, all in pursuit of knowledge and understanding. They actively compile their findings and experiences, gradually building a comprehensive portfolio that showcases their learning journey.

The culmination of this process is our highly anticipated showcase night. During this special event, students proudly share their Enthusiasm portfolios, collections, displays, or other creative presentations with their parents, family, and invited guests. They have the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, teach others about their chosen Enthusiasm, and demonstrate their newfound expertise and enthusiasm for the subject.

Image by Jeswin Thomas

The Enthusiams program at Bright Schoolhouse fosters a deep love for learning, nurtures self-directed exploration, and cultivates important presentation and communication skills. It empowers children to take ownership of their education, follow their passions, and become confident teachers themselves. Click below to see examples of past projects.

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