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Sample Schedule

Please refer to this example schedule to help build a picture of a day at Bright Schoolhouse for a Core Group. We provide a consistent and predictable routine. Small groups and core groups for mini lessons and whole group learning vary by learner. The majority of leveled instruction occurs in a core group (approx. 10) or small group format (2-4) with skill work being applied within workshops and individual tasks/assignments.


Arrival & Welcome Work

Learners arrive and transition into self directed morning work. This may include a journal prompt, free art, or a task box that reviews familiar skills. These are low demand and assist smooth entry.


ELA Gathering

An interactive group gathering where concepts or skills are introduced such as letter work, parts of language, or vocabulary. These interactive sessions include movement, brainstorming, and interaction. 



Phonics. To get fancy: It is an Orton-Gillingham approach that uses both micro and macro level multi-sensory methods. 


ELA Workshop Block

ELA learning centers with hands on invitations and stations for reading, phonics, writing, handwriting, and literacy games. These occur with groups of 2-4 rotating through independent and teacher support stations. 


Body Break and Snack

Time for movement--dance alongs? Body break videos? Followed by a home supplied snack. 


Math Mini Lesson

Whole group math warm up and a mini lesson. The objective is simply to introduce, model, and quickly practice a math skill or strategy.


Math Workshop Block

Math learner centers including math games, teacher small groups, provocations, and science and sensory options.


Close Read

The weekly close read is read and discussed employing reader strategies such as visualizing, predicting, retelling, and more.



Home provided ready-to-eat lunch with your child's preferred foods. We are a nut free facility. 


Outdoor Recess

Rain or shine hour long recess.


Mentor Text and Writer's Workshop

A text is read, enjoyed, and explored before writer's are excused to write in their writing journals. 


Art, Science, & Play Workshop Block

Small group art guided art, teacher support science experiments, free art, dramatic play, block play, sensory play, science provocations and more make up some of the stations during this block. 


Community Wrap Up

Reflection or reading, story telling or sharing, recapping or planning. A school gathering moment. 



Learners are picked up

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