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Our Location

19066 Willamette Dr

Where You'll Find Us

Centrally located in West Linn, OR at 19066 Willamette Dr. (Highway 43), conveniently located between Oregon City and Lake Oswego. With easy access from Canby, Tualatin, Stafford, OC, and LO, and only 20 minutes from SW, S, and SE Portland. Click below for photo tours of our schoolhouse and our park.

Our Schoolhouse

Bright Schoolhouse building and sign_edi

Bright Schoolhouse encompasses its own building, featuring two large classroom spaces, a welcoming room, a library, and more. We have thoughtfully designed a dynamic and engaging learning environment that meets the diverse needs of our students. Here's a glimpse into the different areas and features you will find in our school.

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Meeting Rug

At the heart of our classrooms, we have a spacious meeting rug where both small group and whole group interactive lessons take place. This area serves as a gathering space for discussions, storytime, and collaborative learning activities, fostering a sense of community among our students.

Science Corners

We have designated science corners that are equipped with materials and resources for hands-on scientific exploration and natural study. These areas promote curiosity, experimentation, and discovery, encouraging our students to delve into the fascinating world of science.

Whole Group Work Tables

This area provides a space for collaborative projects, hands-on experiments, and group discussions, allowing students to work together and share their ideas.

Quiet, Cozy Library

Our classroom includes a cozy library corner with soft seating and a wide selection of age-appropriate books. This inviting space encourages independent reading, fosters a love for literature, and provides a peaceful retreat for students to relax and engage in quiet reading time.

Learning Centers

Our classrooms feature a variety of learning centers that cater to different subjects and learning experiences. From the word table for language and literacy activities to the writing center for creative expression and the development of writing skills, students have designated areas where they can explore and engage in focused learning.

Sensory Light Room

We understand the importance of sensory breaks and self-regulation. Our sensory light room offers a calming and therapeutic space for students to take sensory breaks when needed. The room is equipped with sensory lights, soothing visuals, and sensory tools to support students' sensory needs.

Art Areas

Creativity and self-expression are nurtured through dedicated art areas in our classroom. These spaces are filled with various art supplies and materials, allowing students to explore different artistic techniques and unleash their imagination through art projects.


Enter the school into our landing zone with cubby storage and mailboxes before transitioning into our Library and quiet zones.

Sensory Tables

Our classroom features sensory tables that engage students in hands-on sensory experiences. These tables are filled with materials such as sand, water, or sensory bins with various textures, promoting sensory exploration and stimulating the tactile senses.

Community Classroom

Here in our larger classroom you will find whole group spaces for group instruction and collaboration as well spaces for body breaks, breakout groups, and school gatherings including lunchtime.

Body Break Spaces

We understand the importance of movement and physical activity for optimal learning. Our classroom includes body break spaces with features like a wall climber and crash pad, providing opportunities for students to release energy, engage in gross motor activities, and take movement breaks when needed.

Workshop Classroom

With space for solo, partner, and small group centers our cohorts use this space to rotate through learning choices and prompts.

Robinwood Park

Robinwood Park

Welcome to Robinwood Park, our beloved public nature park, conveniently located just a short walk from our school. This wonderful outdoor space serves as the setting for our daily hour-long recess, where students can freely engage in play, rain or shine. 

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