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Ms. Allison Morton

Director and Head Teacher

Ms. Morton is passionate about working with children, as their natural curiosity and eagerness to learn never fail to inspire her. Each day brings new opportunities for discovery and growth, and she is honored to be part of their journey.

Ms. Morton grew up in the beautiful state of Montana before attending the University of Michigan. With over 23 years of experience in early childhood education, she has worked in a range of settings, including a nonprofit preschool program, afterschool programs for gifted children, and other high quality early learning facilities. 12 years ago, Ms. Morton, and her husband Nick, set out to open their own early education program, and they built their small business while raising their young family. It is through the development and operation of her own NE Portland programs, which serve over 240 children ages 2–6 daily, that she gained extensive knowledge in the field. As her program grew, she founded a Kindergarten program where she developed the curriculum and served as the head teacher. Through this role, she observed the benefits of an intimate setting that supports children in a personalized way.  These experiences inspired the creation of Bright Schoolhouse, where she now focuses all her energy and passion.

"As a parent you want to find the place where your child thrives—one that celebrates all the ways they can become more and more their unique self. And as a parent of three coming from an educational leadership background I felt that very intensely. School fit matters so much, and how amazing if we could have the chance to prioritize the school fitting our child and not our child fitting in to the school? How does a common curriculum serve our amazingly uncommon children? When I added the Kindergarten program to our educational offering at our early learning centers I saw that it naturally drew children who were looking for the novel, the active, the adaptive, the structured but flexible, the high (scaffolded) demand. I saw children thrive, the concerns parents brought to me on their applications didn’t come to play in our classroom because we were building a world of support and magic. When the year would end I thought what if we had a bit more time, what if we could extend this wonder a bit longer and let them confidently and fully become themselves while they firmly establish their own tools? I am in a very fortunate position to answer these questions in a micro-way."

"From a formal approach and as a parent of a nuerodiverse child I am deeply intrigued by the fascinating field of sensory integration and its impact on children's development and learning. Understanding the ways in which sensory inputs shape cognitive processes and emotional well-being opens new avenues for fostering a more inclusive and supportive educational environment. Additionally, the work of those such as Barry Prizant has been an immense source of inspiration for me. For example, his research on neurodiversity and the social-emotional development of individuals with autism has revolutionized how we perceive and approach learning differences. As I delve into new educational topics (and I am always eager for new texts) I am driven to explore innovative strategies and methodologies that empower every learner to thrive. By embracing neurodiversity and employing research-backed practices we can do more than I can narrate in a bio paragraph"


When diving into an experiential art project or revisiting a favorite book, Ms. Morton strives to make each day fun and meaningful. She is grateful for the privilege of learning alongside her students and looks forward to each new school year as they embark on a journey of discovery, exploration, and laughter. Allison, Nick, and their three children reside in the West Linn community. 

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